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We present our tables on our homepage. Please note that this is not a binding offer of ours in a legal sense.

All terms published at this website apply solely to B2C agreements.

Our company is Hungarian based, manufacturing is in Hungary, the product You order is stored in Hungary. Underlying law is therefore the Hungarian civil code PTK - irrespective of where a virtual business platform we act on may be located. By the way: don´t worry, the hungarian PTK is largely identical (for example) with the german BGB.

Details on the order procedure.

Details on manufacturing times.

Details on base prices, prices.

Details on delivery costs, delivery cost limitations.

Details on deposits.

Details on the accepted payment methods.


We do not have a webshop with a „buy now” button (and will never have). This might be old-fashioned, but we like to know our customers. What´s more, we know that some consultation is sometimes really useful to serve You well. So if You see something what You like, please contact us via CONTACT@. You don’t need to have any reserves, we will take time for You and it will be absolutely no problem if You at last decide not to purchase.

If You decide to place an order we will send You an order form with all details agreed upon (to avoid any misunderstanding). You check the details and fill in Your data. We will send You finally a confirmation and start manufacturing immediately after receipt of Your deposit.



Except for a couple of tables (made for photo shootings, exhibitions and similar reasons) we do not have products in stock. Everything is generally made on order. Tables can be made ready for delivery normally within 6-7 calendar weeks. Note: more than 50% thereof is for drying and hardening – necessary to avoid post-shrinkage of coatings after completion of the product. If the estimated manufacturing time is more than 7 weeks, You will get info about that.



Our base prices are fixed in EUR. Base prices do not include shipping costs or any kind of taxes (e.g. VAT) or any other administrative charges (e.g. customs duties).


Base price plus all delivery costs have to be paid within 5 days after completion and prior to delivery. Please note that Your home country’s local import duties, taxes (e.g. VAT) and charges are not included in the amount You pay to us. These additional expenses are the buyer's liabilities to pay. These usually are collected from You by the comissioned shipping company or You have to pay them directly when you personally pick up the item in the customs office. Please inform Yourself in Your country's customs office about such additional expenses prior to ordering.


Base price plus delivery costs plus 27% hungarian VAT on this subtotal have to be paid within 5 days after completion and prior to delivery. Why this? Your purchase is an intra-community B2C transaction, thus not subject to Your own country’s value added taxation, so You do not need to pay Your own country’s VAT once more. Within the EC there are no customs duties at all, so the invoice total will normally stop here.



To most destinations within Central Europe we ship at discounted rates. For details see PRICING@. Exact delivery quotes on request.

Other destinations: contact us for a quote and (case by case) a reasonable cost sharing possibility.



Deposits are by nature not required in case You order an already existing stock item.

A deposit/prepayment as much as 30% of the base price plus (where to be charged) 27% VAT is required in any other case (i.e. if You order a customized product made to order). 

The deposit is not refundable in case You do not fulfill the contract at the end and refuse to make the final payment. In that case a deposit paid to us does not constitute obligation for delivery on our side.



You will find all accepted payment methods here.