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„Milano" - dining table

Restrained and impressive as well. Unquestionably there is some of the essence and intrinsic power of the original conception inside.

Milano is basically built as a largely comfortable yet not oversized dining table for 4 persons (2:2 arrangement). With optional end extensions (plug-in) it is largely comfortable for 6 (1:2:2:1 arrangement) and sufficiently comfortable for 8 persons (2:2:2:2 arrangement). Architecture and dimensions carefully designed to provide room enough for elbows, knees and feet in all seating arrangements.

Desktop of highly stressable and dimensionally stable plywood (multiplex), 24 mm strong.

Base entirely of solid wood (legs, frames, all other parts made from one single piece of timber).

Rectangular desktop, veneered. Knife edges, reversely cut in an angle of -15°, veneered.

Coloring (base): semitransparent colored lacquer of great depth & brilliance (in 2-3 translucent layers), finish in acrylic.

Clear coating (top): genuine Italian style lacquer (at least 6-9 layers), finish in acrylic.

Measurements (top): 157-240 (L) x 90 (B) x 76.5 (H) cm, 61.9-94.5 (L) x 35.5 (W) x 30.2 (H) in.

Customizing: full range of options available according to A.O.‘s current catalogue – see link under 'general product information'.

Comes partly dismounted. Easy assembly (screws & bolts only, tool inside).

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