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After sales, warranties

return policy

In practice we never had a return so far. Anyway, we have to talk about it.

If the product You ordered does not meet Your expectations, send us a note via e-mail within 15 calendar days upon receipt and then send it back within 5 more business days at Your own costs. We generally won’t ask any questions but will highly appreciate if You give us a short feedback about what You did not like.

If You return a stock item to us, we will refund 100% of the base price plus the costs of delivery out (plus VAT if charged previously) within 5 business days after receipt of the returned item.

If You return an order-made product to us, we will refund the base price minus deposit /prepayment (plus pro rata VAT if charged previously) within 5 business days after receipt of the returned item.

Please note, that in case of customized comission works the principal (buyer) commonly does not have a right of withdrawal. We offer this limited return option instead – for exceptional cases, when basically everything is alright, the product delivered is the product promised and regardless of that the buyer does not like the product (anymore).

Why is this refund limited? Any customization is based on an individual’s specific esthetic preferences. This customized product possibly won’t meet someone else’s expectations. In the worst case, if the customized item is not saleable at all, the deposit covers roughly the company’s money spent for manufacturing costs but not its loss of profit.

General warranty

Warranty covers all damages during transportation and all defects in material and manufacturing during a period of 730 days from receipt. Very important note: please inform us about transportation damages immediately after detection so that we can instantly file a claim for compensation with the shipping agency!

Loosening of bolts is no defect and can be easily corrected by some tightening.

Certain grades of darkening/yellowing are natural parts of the chemical aging process (best way to minimize that is not to expose Your table to heat/sunlight).

Warranty does not cover defects caused by excessive abuse of the tables, for example overloading, cleaning with inappropriate agents (abrasives and agressive chemicals), exposition to extreme heat, sun radiation and moisture.

Warranty does not cover damages (wear) caused by normal everyday use of the tables. Modern coatings provide generally the best available protection for wood. But after all they are only high end plastics. Objects with a grade of hardness higher than lacquered wood can produce marks, nicks, scratches and dents in the table. We want to ask for Your understanding that this kind of damages are to be classified as wear by everyday use and are not covered by warranty.

You can asset a warranty claim by an informal e-mail. Your message should contain a precise description of the defect and a couple of snapshots with Your phone.

If Your claim is legitimate and the defect is not correctable otherwise, You can send the table back to us (please wait for our explicit clearance before sending back the defective product). After arrival of the defective table we will decide either to repair Your table or to make a new table for You. In case of warranty everything will ship at our own expense (from You to us and back again to You).

Feel free to contact us with problems, even after expiration of the warranty period. In some cases it may make sense if we restore Your table (we will do this at minimal charges). Otherwise we will readily assist Your local cabinet maker in troubleshooting.