Alexandra Overseas, table designs

About us

Alexandra was founded 2014 as a German owned and Hungarian based start-up. Object of the company was to make fine furniture with intarsia.

Why that? First of all, simply because we love it.

Okay, this is true, but also kind of naive......let's start again.

Intarsia is today predominantly the field of a few Italian luxury cabinetmakers who create awesome works of art at high-end prices for a handful of very-well-to-do customers. Their style range is usually somewhere between baroque and neo-classicism / empire.

Of course there is no accounting for taste. But all that feels little up-to-date nowadays. Plus: presumeably You don't want to spend let's say at least 5.000 EUR on a coffee table.

A year later we began first of all with the development of new (and different) patterns. Up to the present day we have accumulated a quite serious and diversified pattern portfolio that includes predominantly modern items but ethnic art as well.

The second challenge was to develop manufacturing techniques to provide high quality at affordable prices. With the intention at the back of our minds to make it perfect this turned out to be a hard and long lasting procedure (the devil is always in the details). Modern technology of the 21. century can do a lot, but without the willingness to invest a lot of time and attention of expert artisans intarsia/marquetry of really high quality is simply not feasible.

As for today, we can be proud to offer top quality, beauty and substantial distinctiveness to our customers.

And also we can be happy that (thanks to our customers) it possible for us to stand out from the crowd.

Vision? That our customers even after decades can look at the pieces we made and still think „this is precious to me”. And that some day they will be handed down to a new generation.

Thanks for visiting our homepage. We hope, You will enjoy surfing and like what You find there.